Posted by: Crystal | February 24, 2010

A Teeny Tiny Nursery

Right now, our little family lives comfortably in a 1200 sqft 3 bedroom apartment.  One room is Mike and mine’s, the second room is Henry and Helen’s, and the third room is the office.  We have really been struggling with where in this place we are going to fit a new baby!  The office really can’t be given up.  Mike needs it for work, not to mention there is SO MUCH in that room, we wouldn’t have anywhere else to put it.  So we’ve been doing some thinking and bouncing around a few ideas.

At first, I thought that we would just put a co-sleeper in our room and do our best to store any baby items there as well.  Our lease will be up when Baby is 5 months old, and we’ll be able to move to a larger home then.  But as more time has gone by, I realized that the thought of not having a little “space” to make for the baby is really bumming me out!  Now, I’m not being unreasonable either.  You really have to work with what you have.  But after some brainstorming, I think I might have a plan!

Our living room has a little “nook” in it.  Here is what the space looks like now:

It mostly houses the kids’ toys.  However, if we put the bunk beds together again in their room (providing Helen is done FALLING off of them!) then we can move this stuff into their room, no problem.  A quick move for the bookshelf to the other side of the sofa, and voila!!

The mini crib that we like is 39 inches long, so it will easily fit where the bookshelf is now, and I can put some shelving/changing table/ dresser thing where the kitchen is now.  Some new curtains and some coordinating art and we’ll have the tiniest nursery around!!

I was surprised when I was Googling “very small baby spaces” and such, that people still consider an entire ROOM to be a small space.  There wasn’t anything that I could find that showed pictures or talked about creating a nursery in the corner of a room.  Maybe I’ll be able to help someone else out down the road as I post more about this little project.  I think we even have a theme!  I finished making an adorable crib blanket today that is gender neutral and would look very nice in our living room.  I would post a pic right now, but the camera battery is charging.  So I’ll put it up soon!

Here is a pic of the crib though.  It looks like a full size one!  I love that I’ve discovered mini cribs because Henry and Helen were both out of their cribs WAAAY before they even got close to needing all of that space.  This is perfect, and even if I HAD the big room to use, I think I would still get a mini crib.  Isn’t it pretty?

So that’s the project for now.  I have more to update, but I think I’ll wait to get the camera charged.  =)


I managed to get the camera battery charged enough to take a picture of the blanket I made.  The colors seem a little dim – that’s what you get for owning a big expensive camera that you don’t know how to use!!  What do you think?



  1. Great plan, friend! You got me looking into mini cribs too. 🙂 I really would like to see one in person just to get a sense of it – any idea who has a floor model?

    • We found them at Babies R Us and at The Baby Depot (in Burlington Coat Factory). I admit – this one wasn’t QUITE as nice as in the picture, but I also think that it may have been because all of the big, nice cribs have bedding and everything all set up and they look so pretty! But the mini cribs are bare because most places don’t carry the bedding. I was all set to buy the mini crib, but Mike fell in love with a full size one and he vetoed me! So now my teeny tiny nursery has a great big ol’ crib sitting in it! I have to admit though…it is VERY beautiful!

      If you like the mini cribs, I suggest looking at the DaVinci Kalani Mini Crib – I found it after I found this one, and it’s new on the market. I haven’t seen it in person, but I’ve seen the full size version, and it’s very nice.

      Whatever you decide, how exciting is it to get to be shopping and looking at baby things! =) I’m so happy for you!!!

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