Posted by: Crystal | October 17, 2009

Fall Decorating and A New Addition to the Family…

I am not usually a big fan of fall.  After all, that really just heralds the end of summer.  I have always considered myself a summer girl, although I can certainly appreciate the other seasons.  However, this year has brought a change!  While I always consider October 1 the start of the holiday season, (and hence reason enough to put up decorations!)  I have found myself genuinely enjoying this time of year.

So when the beginning of the month came around, I changed out the seasonal flowers we keep in the vase on the mantel, put on a nice festive tablecloth, added a centerpiece of pumpkins and flowers, and even bought the most luxurious candles from Bath & Body Works called Autumn Leaves and Autumn Berries.  (They make the house smell so good!)

Last night, we finished decorating outside our front door.  Now, we live in an apartment, but I say that’s no reason to be a grinch!  BOO!!

Our Festive Front Door

Our Festive Front Door

Another View of the Front Door

Another View of the Front Door

Pumpkins!  (Mike hasn't carved his yet...)

Pumpkins! (Mike hasn't carved his yet...)

So that was fun, and Mike comments every day when he comes home that its so nice to have a seasonally decorated home.  I feel like such a success when I hear that!

In other news, we have a new member of the family!  (And no, I’m not talking about a human being!!)  In fact, I am talking about a vacuum cleaner.  How can I be so enamored of a simple household device?  Oh yea of little experience…let me show you the light!  We’ve had our Eureka for about 10 years now.  My Dad and Step-Mom got it for us after they came over and say that our carpets were dirty.  *shame-face*  It has done a pretty good job, but its getting older and can’t really keep up with a family of four.

We’ve been doing a lot of research, thinking that we would most likely end up with a Dyson.  I mean, they’re supposed to be so great, right?  Surprisingly, the reviews were not exactly glowing.  What we did find was that a lot of people claimed the new Hoover series to be much better.  Even the guy at Bed, Bath & Beyond that was supposed to be selling Dysons told us to get a Hoover.  And at $299 compared to $399 and higher, it sounded like a good idea to me!

Our New Hoover

Our New Hoover

So today we decided was the big day!  The carpets are getting cleaned soon, and we thought it would be nice to have a better vacuum on hand.  I brought this baby home, and let me tell you…Its love!  This amazing machine even has a dirty/clean indicator light that I honestly expected to be a little gimicky.  I was so wrong!  Its amazing!!  It took me about an HOUR to get my dining room and living to show as “clean” on the indicator, and I just vacuumed with my old machine last night!  Check out what this bad boy got out of my carpets in just those two areas:



I cannot say enough good things about this vacuum.  I want to go over and clean my friends’ houses and convert them!  All I can do is show it the love it deserves:

Showing Some Love

Showing Some Love

I have more cleaning to do now…  =)



  1. aww, I read all your posts – so good to ‘catch up’ with you Crys! What a vaccuum you have there… I will have to keep your tips in mind. We’ll be in the market to replace our $80 PX special soon, as two years of desert dust has taken its toll. I gave it a thorough cleaning yesterday and today it gave me a solid 10 minutes of suction in return.!

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