Posted by: Crystal | August 9, 2009

Our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary

August 3, 2009 marked the passage of seven years of wedded…well, if bliss isn’t ALWAYS the right word, it comes close on a lot of days!  Mike and I are very blessed to have such a strong marriage even after all of this time.  In fact, this November will mark the completion of our 13th year together.  WOW! Time has flown by, and we have experienced many major changes in our lives over the years together.  There isn’t anyone else that I would want to walk through life with than my beloved husband Mike.

Because the actual day fell on a Monday, we decided to celebrate on Saturday, the 1st.  Imagine my surprise when I came home from grocery shopping on Friday to find flowers had been delivered!!

Mike bought me flowers!

Mike bought me flowers!

He later told me that he wanted to make certain that they would be delivered on time, so he ordered them early.  What a thoughtful husband I have!

Mike’s mom and sister came over on Saturday just before 6:00pm in order to watch the kids for us while we went out for a special date.  The little ones get so excited to have them over!  Before we left, we asked Joanna to snap a few pictures for us.

All Dressed up!

All Dressed up!

And of course, once we started taking pictures, Henry just had to get in on the deal.  We thought it would be an excellent chance for us to get a picture of the whole family.  We only have one other and that was from the pumpkin patch last year.  Yikes!

The Whole Hradek Clan!

The Whole Hradek Clan!

Once we left, Mike was such a gentleman – opening the doors and being so considerate.  He can be quite charming when he puts his mind to it!  We weren’t sure where we wanted to go, but we thought that dinner and a movie sounded good.  When we were just dating, we used to visit The Keg in Puyallup a lot (because the cheesecake was to die for), so we thought that it would be fun to go there and reflect on how things have changed in our lives since then.  But we got there and found that it had been turned into a Black Angus.  Boo!!  And then it hit me…Mike wants a good steak house, right?  Then Ruth’s Chris it is.  Off we went to Bellevue.

We have never been to Ruth’s Chris, as the pricing had always been a bit daunting to us.  But we are in a better position now, and it WAS a special occasion.  Let’s just say that we were not disappointed.  Their food, the atmosphere, the service…everything was wonderful.  Because we didn’t order alcoholic drinks, our tab came in at $130 ($108 plus tip) and I think that for a fancy-shmancy dinner, that’s pretty good.  I had the stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and salad, while Mike enjoyed a steak, salad, and potatoes au gratin.  Fantastic meal!  It was so delicious!  For dessert, we each had a plate of berries and cream.  It was absolutely luxurious, and we had to have a little laugh at our own silliness when the waiter cam by and asked if we didn’t like the chocolate cups.  “You mean to tell me that the cups that the berries came in are made of chocolate?  We thought it was metal!” Silly Mike and Crystal – we don’t get out often enough I guess!

Once the meal was over, we felt that it was really too late to go to a movie.  We didn’t want to wear out our wonderful babysitters.  So we meandered our way home and got there just after 10:00pm.  Our kids were both asleep, tuckered out from the fun that they had.

It was a wonderfully memorable night, and we both had a wonderful time.  Happy Anniversary Honey!


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