Posted by: Crystal | August 7, 2009

A Special Post Just for Mike!

Baby #3!


I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit crabby…and maybe even a little “off” this last week.  You’ve even noticed it.  I haven’t been able to sleep, all of my energy seems to have vanished overnight, and just the thought of food is making me sick.  Actually, yesterday I realized that I’ve felt this way before.

TWICE before, actually…

Remember that conversation that we have all of the time about whether or not we will have any more kids?  We debate back and forth the various benefits and challenges.  We love having little ones around the house because they keep you laughing when you least expect it.  Tonight, Nana asked Henry if he could fly.  Henry said no because the sky and the moon get in his way.  And Helen has just learned how to give kisses and hugs.

They are precious.

You come from a small family, so having a large one contains its appeals for you.  A big family now means an even bigger one some day.  We even got a prophetic word once that we would have three children!  However, there are certainly challenegs to increasing our family.  Our car only seats four, we want to go on vaction next year, its hard to find a babysitter for more than one child…but these are all surmountable  obstacles, right?  I certainly hope that you think so…

Baby #3!

The second pink lines are very faint, (you can hardly see them in this picture) but these both show positive results!  The pregnancy hormone hCG has to be present in order for ANY second line to appear,  no matter how light or dark it appears.

Ok…take a deep breath.

All of those emotions you are feeling?  Excitement, fear, amazement, wonder, worry, love, and more?  It’s all mixing with a racing heart and a queasy stomach?  I know!  I spent all of yesterday in shock.  And now today I am slowly starting to settle in to the thought.  But it will take us BOTH a while to adjust.  We thankfully have a whole 9 months to do that.  Nothing is for absolute certain yet, so I would like to keep this to ourselves for a little bit, get used to the idea a little more.

But I know one thing for certain right now.  We have a WONDERFUL family and we are very, very blessed.  A new baby is going to turn our lives upside down – but bring so much joy into our world that we will hardly be able to contain it all.  I’m nervous for sure.  But I’m really happy!  We’ve done it again Mikey!  God always gets His way in the end!

I love you!


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